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Volunteers' Week 2018 - Davina's Story

Meet Davina, she's been volunteering on reception with us for nearly 3 years! Below she talks about her role and why she enjoys volunteering for the Disability Resource Centre.

“I really enjoy volunteering with the DRC. It gets me out of the house and enables me to improve my skills. I volunteer on reception so I am the first port of call for anyone who is calling to the centre. I take messages and pass on details and help to make appointments for members of staff. There’s no average day at the DRC, sometimes I get a lot of calls, sometimes it’s a lot quieter, but that makes it fun. I would highly recommend volunteering at the DRC to anyone whose interested; it helps you to get out of the house and learn new skills, build confidence and the staff here are so supportive and friendly.”

Interested in Volunteering? Call us on 0303 040 2040.


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