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Volunteers Week 2018 - Daphne's Story

DRC employee Daphne talks about her experiences as a volunteer and discusses why promting volunteering in her role is so important to her.

“My volunteer journey with the DRC started off by me attending my local Job Centre Plus. I had been made redundant from my previous role and was looking for a change of career. At the Job Centre I met a gentleman named David Holmes who was my advisor. Due to my retail experience I was referred to Remploy who I met with to discuss my career prospects. I’d studied for a Diploma in Counselling and had hoped to go into an advisory role. I let my coach at Remploy know and they then referred me onto John Ellis at the Disability Resource Centre, he is now my colleague.

I began volunteering with the DRC as a Job Club learning Assistant. I was helping to support people look for work as well as write CV's and build up their confidence for interviews. At first I was quite frightened; I have a learning disability which is part of my cerebral palsy so I was nervous in case I wasn’t able to spell something for a client. I would say at the time my confidence and self-esteem were low. But within a month I had settled and decided to stick with volunteering at the centre. My time as a volunteer was a lot of fun; I liked helping people and uplifting people. I was treated well and supported by the organisation.

I ended up becoming a staff member when several people who had done my role previously had left the organisation. My experience as a volunteer gave me the confidence to apply for a position once I heard about it, and thankfully I got the job.

I strongly promote volunteering within my role. I think it helps people with confidence and self-esteem, enables people to update their CVs and most importantly provides you with a reference to use on job applications.”      





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