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Volunteers' Week

Volunteers’ Week is an annual celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK. It takes place from 1st-7th June every year. 

Volunteers’ Week is run by NCVO in partnership with Volunteer Development Scotland, Volunteer Now (Northern Ireland) and Wales Council for Voluntary Action.
Facts about volunteering
Over 160,000 voluntary organisations contribute £12.2 billion to the UK economy.
Around three million people volunteer for health, disability and welfare organisations in England – the same number as the combined NHS and social care workforce. 
The Office for National Statistics recently estimated the annual value of regular formal volunteering to be £23.9 billion.
Earlier work by Volunteering England put the annual output figure for all formal and informal volunteers at £45.1 billionSee a breakdown of this research
The DWP and the Cabinet Office recently estimated that the wellbeing value to frequent formal volunteers themselves is around £70 billion per year. Download the working paper (PDF, 335KB).
Research by the Join In Trust in 2014 estimated the total annual financial value of sports-based volunteering alone to be £53 billionRead their report 'Hidden Diamonds' here.
Volunteering at DRC
At Disability Resource Centre we have always valued the contribution of volunteers going right back to the early days when disabled people campaigned for a DRC to be opened in 1992. Our board of trustees is comprised of people giving up their time and expertise for free and a majority of our trustees are themselves disabled people.
Volunteering is also a fundamental part of the personal developmental journey for many people as a way of learning new skills as well as contributing back to the organisation. DRC have many stories of individuals who have used our services, often when they are in great need, then become volunteers and ultimately even being employed within the organisation. 
DRC see that the concept of volunteering is much more than giving up a bit of spare time to help others, it is about people becoming engaged, empowered and involved in our user-led organisation. 
As Ghandi said "a long journey begins with a small step" and we hope that volunteering may be that first step for many of our service users.
Thank you to all of our volunteers at DRC! 

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