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Tips for replication

Our Project

Classroom based learning.

Initial learner assessment and suitability check.

Part 1 for the first 12 weeks, looked at

• Health Conditions and condition management
• Physical Exercise and healthy eating
• Financial literacy and managing money

Part 2 for the second 12 weeks included

• Personal Development and progression
• Basic Skills with an emphasis on using technology
• Employability skills or Staying Safe (as appropriate)
• Progression measurement and evaluation

Tips For Replication

• There is a lot of information, do you need to weight any subject area for either the funders outcomes or the needs of the learners
• Ensure content is appropriate for learners
• Ensure lessons are accessible to all learners
• Encourage participation, this helps to build confidence, reduce isolation and help towards the overall aim of the course
• Only use trainers that are knowledgeable in the subject matter, as the course progresses it should evoke a high participation level and Q&A sessions

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