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Final evaluation

The Community Learning Innovation Fund (CLIF) is designed to support the reform of community learning in line with the objectives set out in New Challenges, New Chances Further Education and Skills Reform Plan: Building a World Class System(BIS, December 2011).

DRC’s Living Well is a project that aimed to:

  • widen participation and transform people’s destinies by supporting learningand progression in the broadest sense for adults, especially those who are most disadvantaged by means of a limiting long term health condition or disability and therefore less likely to participate in learning;
  • promote social renewal and develop stronger communities with more self-sufficient, connected and pro-active citizens by developing social bonds through the group activites delivered
  • maximize the benefit and impact of community learning on the social and economic well being of individuals, families and communities by the financial literacy, personal progression, condition management and healthy lifestyle learning
  • include effective strategies to ensure that the work and its impact can be sustained when project funding comes to an end, by raining volunteers to deliver further learning, develop a product that will be saleable to individuals through personal independence payments and target further funding opportunities as they arise
  • align with the work of emerging Birmingham Community Learning Trust

The Living Well project has produced robust evidence of the impact of community learning and of the difference it can make.

Download the full evaluation report

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