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Resource listing - Third Sector

A SIMPLE approach to assessing Social Impact in Third Sector organisations

One of the major challenges facing social enterprises and other third sector organisations is communicating the benefits they deliver. As opportunities increase for social enterprises to contract with private and public sector organisations, it has become necessary to find ways of translating this positive effect into demonstrable data to support bids, tenders and funding applications. The SIMPLE approach to social impact assessment combines internal strategic review with outcomes based assessment to help managers of socially motivated businesses to visualise where and how they make positive contributions. By selecting appropriate measures with which to collect quantifiable data users are able to collect and communicate evidence of positive social benefit. One approach, developed under the SIMPLE programme, is allowing a diverse range of social enterprises and other third sector organisations to do just that.

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Building a Big Society

Building a big society is at the heart of the Conservative Party’s vision for change. The Big Society is a society with much higher levels of personal, professional, civic and corporate responsibility; a society where people come together to solve problems and improve life for themselves and their communities; a society where the leading force for progress is social responsibility, not state control. This paper explains how a new Conservative government will go about that task, and focuses on three areas.

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Cabinet Office - Introduction to Social Return on Investment

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is an innovative way to measure and account for the value you create with your work. The methodology is relatively new to the UK, but it is attracting considerable interest from third sector organisations, government, funders, investors and commissioners because of its ability to tell a compelling story of change. As well as helping organisations account for their achievements and attract funding, SROI can also help organisations maximise their social impact and improve the lives of the people they work with. This short paper gives an overview of SROI. A more detailed guide for people wishing to implement an SROI has also been produced as part of a programme on measuring social value being funded from 2008-11 by the Office of the Third Sector. The Scottish Government is also funding a parallel programme focused on SROI. For more information on the guide and these programmes see Sources of support, on page 10.

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This Manifesto follows the structure of the City Council as it stood in 2010 with its 10 Cabinet Portfolios

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Social Enterprise in the 3rd Sector

Social Enterprise London is the heart and voice of the social enterprise sector in London. We promote community, best practice, advocacy & development - working directly with individuals, organisations and regional government to help them realise their vision through social enterprise. SEL is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee, funded by a mix of earned and grant income. Our chief funders are the London Development Agency and the Association of London Governments. This publication is a revision of the 2001 document entitled ‘Introducing Social Enterprise’. A range of individual social enterprises, national networks and individuals contributed to, or commented on, the original publication, many of which are listed in the Appendix. SEL wishes to thank them for their contributions, particularly Social Firms UK and the Development Trusts Association for allowing the re-production of their website literature.

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