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Resource listing - Social enterprise

Climbing the ladder Step by step finance for social enterprise

This booklet begins by helping social enterprises through the necessary financial planning stages involved in developing a new venture, including the components of the business plan, budgeting and cash flow forecasting. It’s this planning process which will demonstrate whether or not the business idea is likely to be sustainable financially. Planning lays the foundations for future success. This preparatory work will also help to convince funders and investors that the venture is a good home for their money. The second section of the booklet, therefore, moves on to look at the different ways in which social enterprises can be capitalised. The pros and cons of grant-funding, loan finance and equity are, in turn, explored.

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Extended services: ensuring sustainability using the social enterprise model

Guidance report by Lesley Miller, Wan Saiful Wan Jan, Catriona Rust & Gustavo Arnaudo Extended services are a good thing. It is evident from both government reports and the case study schools examined in this report that extended services have a significant positive impact on pupils, families and local communities. So where does social enterprise come in? As a business model focused on social outcomes it can provide sustainability for these services, and perhaps also contribute to engaging the communities around schools. Social enterprises involve communities in finding solutions to social challenges. They inspire vision, determination and learning to achieve a communal goal – surely an ethos that harmonises with the principles of education.

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Keeping It Legal - legal forms for social enterprises

The book before you was the result of a collaboration between Social Enterprise London, Bates, Wells and Braithwaite Solicitors, Business Link for London and Barclays with contributions by Cobbetts solicitors. It is intended to draw attention to the need for the long-term goals of a social enterprise to be matched to the legal structure best suited to creating a framework in which you can work towards those goals. It takes into account factors such as the accessibility of finance, both loan and social equity, and the desire and motivations of workers to be co-owners or members and the needs of other stakeholders.

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Libraries in transition: are there creative alternatives?

Social Enterprise London and 2020 Public Services Hub at the RSA Evidence emerging from communities across the UK suggests that social enterprise delivery models present viable, cost effective options for the future of library services. They offer a solution to what is often characterised in public debate as two options: a traditional council-run facility or nothing at all.

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Spin out and Deliver

Lessons from the front line of public service reform At Social Enterprise London (SEL), we’re privileged to be working with some of the most extraordinary public servants in the country, supporting them to create organisations that have the potential to be outstanding social enterprises through our groundbreaking Transitions programme. This short guide summarises the key findings we’ve made during our first year working in the field. We’re publishing it because much of what we’re learning directly contradicts the assumptions made about how spin-outs work. For this reason I think it’s worth a read.

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The Social Enterprise Starting Point Guide

This guide is aimed at social entrepreneurs – by which we mean anyone with an idea for making money and using it to benefit others in some way. This is a big and diverse group that includes all sorts of enterprising individuals from a variety of backgrounds. What unites them all is that they are motivated by business and passionate about social change. The next few pages will offer guidance on the sort of things you need to think about when starting out on your journey to set up a social enterprise. It looks at the basic issues facing start-up social enterprises and will help you to summarise your own specific needs to figure out the next steps you need to take.

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What is Social Enterprise?

A useful guide to the definition of Social Enterprise produced by Birmingham Disability Resource Centre. Includes links for local figures and information in Birmingham and West Midlands

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Winning with Social Enterprise

How the UK’s social enterprises can deliver world-class London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic contracts

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