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Disability Equality in English Primary Schools

Exploring teaching about disability equality and non-disabled children’s perceptions of disability.

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Education maintenance allowance, bursaries and adult learning grants

Disability Rights UK Factsheet - Education maintenance allowance, bursaries and adult learning grants

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Rights of People with Intellectual Disabilities Access to Education and Employment

This report is one of a series of 14 country reports prepared by the Open Society Institute’s EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program and the Open Society Mental Health Initiative. The report presents an overview of the opportunities and challenges facing people with intellectual disabilities in accessing education and employment. It provides an important contribution to research on this group, one of the most vulnerable groups throughout Europe.

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The Barriers that Exist for People with Disabilities Wishing to Access Training

My starting point in this presentation is to acknowledge that the majority of disabled people encounter barriers of one kind or another during their lives. Clearly, there are many reasons why disabled people encounter barriers, however, if these barriers are going to be reduced or removed altogether then society needs to be ‘aware’ of what the fundamental issues are. I intend to argue that before we can look at specific barriers facing those who wish to access training, we need to have an appreciation of the type of approach we need to adopt to identify and challenge barriers.

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