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Resource listing - Citizenship and Disabled People

Citizenship and disabled people

The purpose of this paper is twofold. To propose a working definition of citizenship from a disability perspective, and to examine the public policy, and wider social and economic implications of the goal of enabling disabled people to be equal citizens.

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European Disability Strategy 2010—2020 Easy-to-Read version

Around 80 million people in the European Union have a disability. Disabled people are often poorer than other people and sometimes are not fully involved in society and the economy. This strategy will try to improve the conditions of people with disabilities and guarantee their rights for the next 10 years. The European population is also getting older and more people will have disabilities because of that. The European Union is trying to make sure that people with disabilities can use their basic human rights to be included and participate in society.

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Making choice and control a reality for disabled people

Government response to the consultation on the Right to Control Office For Disability Issues

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Nothing About Us Without Us: Human Rights and Disability

by Marta Russell / Dissident Voice August 12, 2003 Citizenship can be seen as the realization of certain rights. When states can be held responsible for the treatment of their citizens, much can be gained. The United Nations has a role in setting global standards but so do disabled persons ourselves.

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Public Perceptions of Disabled People

Evidence from the British Social Attitudes Survey 2009 Luke Staniland

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Roadmap 2025 - Achieving disability equality by 2025

This Roadmap sets out how government departments are working towards disability equality by 2025.

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Survey on Disability 2012

ONLINE Fieldwork : 20th - 22nd August 2010

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PAPER PREPARED FOR SUBMISSION TO THE COMMISSION ON THE FUTURE OF THE VOLUNTARY SECTOR Mike Oliver Professor of Disability Studies University of Greenwich January 1996

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