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History of the Disability Resource Centre

The Disability Resource Centre (DRC) was established by the former Birmingham-based disability rights organisation – Birmingham Disability Rights Group (BDRG) in 1992 following successful lobbying and campaigning to Birmingham City Council. 

As a disabled people’s organisation (DPO), ie an organisation run by disabled people for disabled people, BDRG argued that disabled people’s experience of discrimination and inequality often resulted in the denial of opportunities and the right to speak on their own behalf and make their own decisions.

Social model

Using the Social Model of Disability, DRC was established to empower disabled people to take control of their own lives and support their transition from the margins of society into the heart of mainstream social and economic activity.

It was recognised that disabled people often needed to be encouraged to speak out for themselves, become positive about their own abilities and lifestyles and be supported in seeking ways to reduce or remove disabling barriers which prevent them from achieving full potential as individuals and equal members of society.

New chapter in the DRC's history

Having been based at Bierton Road in Yardley, Birmingham, for many years, DRC is now embarking on a new chapter in its history and relocating its head office to 11th Floor, Edgbaston House, 3 Duchess Place, Five Ways, Birmingham B16 8NH.

Read our book

For further details about our history read a copy of our book Forward: The History of Birmingham Disability Resource Centre (funded by Heritage Lottery Fund). View and download a pdf copy of the book (hosted via Google docs).

Alternatively read the book in blog format:


“This is a most significant history book.

It tells the story of the fight for independence by what started off as a small group of disabled people in the city, but which went on to successfully campaign for and to set up its own centre at the former Bierton Road School in Yardley in 1992.”

Professor Carl Chinn MBE

“I got fed up with the way people treat us.
Not everybody, but the majority.

You know, if you are with your carer they will talk to the carer and not to you first.
Sometimes when you ask for something they look at you as if to say that you shouldn’t have it.”

Maria Mleczko – founding member of Birmingham Disability Resource Centre

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